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Why Choose Us

Patient First

A large part of our time is spent discussing the patient’s needs and assessing the best treatment for the patient, both from an emotional and orthodontic perspective.

Best possible treatment

We aim to provide the best possible treatment for the patient, and do not promote one company or product  over another because of financial or self interest.


Dr Wasilewsky has over 30 years of orthodontic experience treating cases from simple to extremely complex.


Dr Wasilewsky is a Specialist Orthodontist who studied at one of the best orthodontic programs in the world, in addition to his orthodontic qualification he also completed a MS degree.

Appropriate technology

Whilst we love technology and have been involved in developing many programs and procedures for orthodontics, we only use the appropriate technology on our patients, and do not experiment on them.

Person doing the work

Dr Wasilewsky does almost all the work on the patient himself.

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Guarantee for life

If the patient follows all of our directions we will guarantee the orthodontic result for life.

We try harder

We are never satisfied and continue to try harder all the time

Convenient Location

We are located very near the train station in Bondi Junction and in the city allowing people to get to us by bus train or car.

Finacial Assistance

We have interest free flexible payment plans, as well as reduction for siblings and payment up front.

Continual Education

Hilton continues to go to meetings on a routine basis and belongs to numerous study groups where he presents cases and his research

Ongoing Self Assesment

We are continually striving to do better and thus review our procedures and assess how we treated every patient, and ascertain whether we could have done better.

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