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Sleep Disorder Appliances

  • Sleep appliances are used to treat Snoring and Sleep Apnoea. 


  • The appliance Dr Wasilewsky uses is a fully adjustable plate which has a number of important features. These appliances can be very disruptive to the dentition and need to be fitted and monitored by experienced practitioners.

    • It is titratable and thus, the bottom jaw is able to be brought forward as much as required

    • The jaws can be opened with the appliance in place but it is held in the closed position to maintain the open airway.

    • There are other features which are important to the successful management of the sleep problems.


  • He originally used a Canadian designed appliance known as the Klearway but now uses one that is locally designed and developed by a technician together with Dr Wasilewsky. Dr Wasilewsky has also researched this appliance and found it to as good if not better than most of the appliances available.


  • Dr Wasilewsky only treats patients who have seen a sleep physician or someone who has similar qualifications. He also requires the patients to continue to attend this physician for ongoing monitoring of their problem during treatment.


The usual process of treatment is as follows:


  1. The patient is referred to see Dr Wasilewsky. An appointment is made and letters of introduction are sent to the patient; one of these is a request for X-rays. These should be brought to the first appointment or they can be taken at the practice. It is essential that a referral letter from the sleep physician is available at the first appointment.

  2. The patient is examined as well as all records and medical history. A decision is usually made at that time as to whether a sleep appliance is appropriate, and if required, records are taken to fabricate one of the appliances.

  3. The appliance is then fitted a couple of weeks later. This is followed up by a check up visit to Dr Wasilewsky and then the patient is referred back to the sleep physician once they are comfortable with wearing the appliance.

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