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Multiphase - Class II

Patient 1

Problem: Marked upper jaw and tooth protrusion with crowding in the upper and lower and small upper lateral incisors.

Solution: Headgear to minimise the upper protrusion then extraction in the upper to alleviate the crowding with braces.  

Notes: Upper small lateral incisors were built up by the dentist.

Patient 2

Problem: Crowding with Convex soft tissue and jaw bones. 

Solution: Headgear and functional to begin, then evaluation for extraction using utility arches to manage space and finish non extraction.  

Notes: Teeth forward but acceptable.  

Patient 3

Problem: Marked crowding and bottom jaw back.

Solution: Expansion plate for a few months followed by functional appliance worn at night until all permanent teeth erupted and then braces to align the teeth.  

Notes: The first phase of treatment improved the bite and brought the bottom jaw forward.

Patient 4

Problem: Marked jaw discrepancy with the bottom jaw back and excess overjet .

Solution: Expansion followed by functional appliance and headgear to decrease the bottom jaw retrusion and upper jaw protrusion; then braces for a short time to achieve an ideal alignment.

Note: The first phase of treatment almost resulted in no further treatment being required, with a marked improvement of the relationship.

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