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Comprehensive - Class III

Patient 1

Problem: Marked crowding and Class III

Solution: Initial braces in the lower jaw, waited for further development and then placed braces upper as well.

Notes: Face Mask and Elastics used to improve the bite.

Patient 2

Problem: Marked crowding of the lower teeth and Class III molar  

Solution: Extracted lower second pre molars, placed braces to close spaces.  

Notes: Lower molars finished in a forward position.  

Patient 3

Problem: Class III skeletal and dental pattern and missing upper lateral incisors

Solution: Aligned teeth with braces and brought upper canines back for implant placement.  

Notes: Patient has implants for replacement of Missing teeth.

Patient 4

Problem: Marked crowding in the upper and lower with the bottom jaw forward.

Solution: Extracted upper first, lower second premolars and closed spaces achieving an ideal bite.

Notes: Upper extraction because of marked crowding

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